2019 | USA | Documentary

1% Human

  • English 11 mins
  • Director | Sasha Doppelt, David Keltner
  • Writer | Sasha Doppelt, David Keltner
  • Producer | Sasha Doppelt

This film is currently not available.   

1% Human is about coming to terms biologically and psychologically with what it means to be human.  Filmmaker and subject Sasha Doppelt searches for solutions to her long-term depression in a human microbiome study. We learn about the bacteria that live on us, and impact our lives in huge ways. We witness a poignant yearning for straightforward answers and solutions to complicated conditions. The incomprehensible vastness of stars and galaxies mirror the incomprehensible complexity of the universe within, all spiraling together in hope and wonder.

microbiome citizen science bacteria scientist depression health data
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