Megan Cozens April 1 2019

Make Better Choices


These three animations are not only amazing examples of stop animation films, but are also strong in their story and message. Each film shows how, us humans, have created consequences that leave our planet and its flora and fauna harmed and destroyed.


Polymer, directed by Astrid Goldsmith, is a short stop-animated film where characters are made from polymer clay and other average crafting supplies.  Polymer’sstoryline is about our modern day dilemma of worldwide pollution; how all our plastic waste collects in the ocean and will one day form a monster that emerges from the ocean and kills us all.  The crude practical effects are not a deterrent at all as it adds to the underlying story of ‘waste’.  

Deer Flower

Deer Flowerdirected by Kangmin Kimis another stop motion animated short film of about 7 minutes made from 3D printed puppets combined with 2D elements and special effects; layering techniques is a common thread in Kim’s work.  This film is executed on an excellent standard in my opinion; the lighting and atmosphere of the film reads very well.  The storyline and the style of animation are paired perfectly too; the overall feel of this film feels as if it is from the eye’s of a child.  It maintains the innocence of Kim’s childhood memory.


Birdlimedirected by Evan DeRushie, is the final stop motion animated film of this review. This film is also beautifully executed in terms of the set and puppets; the puppets seem to be made from fabric and sponge materials.  The name of this film refers to the sticky tar-like substance that is used to trap wild birds intended for export and trade.  The story is in fact about this world of exotic bird trade and the unethical practices that are behind it; a story of how a bird escapes this world but becomes trapped in another world of the city.  

What all three of three films have in common is the relevant message in their stories; the world has become so over polluted and abused; and is becoming increasingly more so every day that passes.  Making drastic changes to your lifestyle is so important in our lifetime, refuse wasteful products and services and support ethical animal treatment.  Make better choices.

About the author

Megan, a young South African, recently left teaching English in South Korea and is now a travel enthusiast who is currently focusing on releasing an organic, vegan and zero-waste cosmetic brand.  She is interested in exploring environmental changes and how that influences humankind.  Her brand focuses on making as little waste as possible and tries to provide waste-free solutions for her customers.  Megan is also a hand-poke tattoo artist in her spare time.