Thibault Le Texier March 30 2017

Computation and the Future of the Human Condition


Through the recontextualization of various archival elements, Thibault Le Texier offers a critical study on the issues of meaning and veracity in images. By cutting and pasting found footage from institutional movies from the mid-20th century, he provides an eerie glimpse into how our past can inform our future where we may be consumed by our rampant technological development.

Thibault Le Texier received a PhD in economics and is currently a researcher at the University of Nice where he focuses on the ideological and institutional constraints that shape our mind and body. He has recently published Le Maniement des hommes : Essai sur la rationalité managériale. ("Handling Men: An Essay on Managerial Rationale", Victor Gresard, Collectif Jeune Cinéma). More info about his work at :

The Human Factor

"What is good for the factory is good for the family"

The Invention of the Desert

Humans have been our parents, our shepherds, and finally our obsolete children. Who are we? A post-human science fiction narrated by the voice of architecturally simulated modernity.

The Architect & The Gardener

She didn’t leave me, she asked me to do it.
I draw maps, I help them to drop bombs.
Hitler bombed Paris, but he hasn’t been excommunicated.
We had to choose where to go on holidays. That’s how it started.

American Capitalism, A Self-Portrait

An in-depth look at capitalism, industry, and the USA in less than 10 minutes (and for free).