Nicola Alessandrini February 23 2017

Beautifully Unsettling Art Evoking Monsters and Myth


The work of Nicola Alessandrini, found in streets and galleries, often takes the form of uncomfortable, intrusive images, deeply disturbing the common sensibility. His art evokes monsters and myth, intertwining science, pop culture, folk and daily life.

Beautiful People

The troubled cosmology of elements, described by Nicola Alessandrini in his artwork, goes over the tragical penetration and colonization process continually made by the Unconscious into Reality.

The work of the artist finds the chance to influence the evolution process directly, overcoming the biological limits using artistic means. Individuals who consume themselves and appear in the form of images and abstractions, clinical transplants that replicate the mix of desires, sense of identity and personal memories, are all elements that flow into radically new forms of representation, able to respond to the complexity and interweaving of our historical moment.

We are all many-sided and complex identities, in which instinct, reason, fault, and atavistic genetic defects mingle confusedly; but we are also incomplete and fallible beings, in an immature and spoiled stage of evolution.

Nicola's works, both visible in streets and in galleries, are often uncomfortable, intrusive images, deeply disturbing the common sensibility, intertwining science, pop culture, folk and daily life. 

Mangeur d'escargot

Rat in the Grass

Dialogue Over the Web

About Author

Nicola Alessandrini was born in Macerata. He attended the nursery on Panfilo street, next to the municipal slaughterhouse: his memories, recreations in the garden between laughter of children and cries of animals. He attended De Amicis elementary school: the boys didn’t want him around because he couldn't play football and the girls didn't want him because he was a boy.

During the middle school at Verdi, he read Buzzati for Italian literature and drew prisoners for arts education. He went to Leopardi high school without books and homework, so he could see the girl he was in love from time to time.  

Nicola Alessandrini took part in group-exhibitions, including Trekking, Eating, Dreaming (BilBolBul, Bologna, Italy), Mon Apetit (Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France), Sconfinamenti (Jesi, Italy), 20×20 (Studio d’Ars, Milan, Italy), Il piacere dissoluto (Art Kitchen – Superground Studio, Milan, Italy), Urban super star(Galleria provinciale d’arte, Cosenza, Italy), Taetrum et Dulce (Distinction Gallery, Escondido, California, USA), Artaq (Paris, France), Micro-Macro (Istituto di cultura italiana, Berlin, Germany), Arte Sagra (Mondo Pop Gallery, Rome, Italy), MadreTerraMorta (Ratatà Festival, Laboratorio 41 Gallery, Macerata, Italy).

Solo-exhibitions include: Gran Bollito (Black Spring Bookshop, Florence, Italy), Della mia carne(Portanova12 Gallery, Bologna, Italy), Bipersonale con Gio Pistone (Museo dell’altro e dell’altrove di Metropoliz – Maam Museum, Rome, Italy), Tra bestia e cielo (Fabrica Fluxus, Bari, Italy), W(a)nderland(MondoPop Gallery, Roma, Italy).

He took part in Urban Art events such as: Pop Up Festival (Jesi, Italy), Alterazioni festival (Arcidosso, Grosseto, Italy), Pink Pop Pig (Maam, Rome, Italy), Hic sunt Leones, in collaboration with Gio Pistone (Casa dell’Architettura, Rome, Italy), M.U.R.O (Urban Art Museum, Rome, Italy), Ratatà Festival (Macerata, Italy), Shit Art Fair (Turin, Italy).

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