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On The Wings Of The Monarch: Behind-The-Scenes With Labocine's First Feature
Christina LuMar 26, 2019
Hybrid Identities At The 10Th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
Christina LuOct 22, 2017
Nobody Knows The Quantum
Sidney PerkowitzOct 19, 2017
Abstract Theory Has Real Consequences, In The Past And Today
Sidney PerkowitzOct 05, 2017
Real Physics On Screen
Sidney PerkowitzSep 17, 2017
Animating Life With Experimental Documentary
Sharon Shattuck, Flora LichtmanJul 06, 2017
Indigenous Filmmakers Reimagine Science
William LempertJan 29, 2017
10 Short Science Films Celebrating Tiny Details Usually Unseen
Madison MooreJan 10, 2017
Animating Indigenous Scientific Literacies
Elizabeth LapenséeJan 11, 2017
Endless Forms Most Beautiful: The Scientific Art Of Markos Kay
Markos KayDec 07, 2016