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Science As Cinema: A Metamorphosis
Lujain IbrahimJun 21, 2018
Myth And Cinema
Kirsten StrayerJun 24, 2018
Cinema's Codes And Puzzles
Kirsten StrayerMay 17, 2018
The Persistence Of Life: Survival Cinema
Kirsten StrayerApr 29, 2018
Does Consciousness Exist Outside Of Our Body
Phie AmboMay 01, 2017
Silent Signal: Exploring Visionary Science Through Experimental Animation
Abigail AddisonApr 27, 2017
Announcing The Ten Visionary Filmmakers Of “Chimera Experiments”
Edward ShepardMar 07, 2017
Adding Film To The Science Syllabus (Part 1)
Madison MooreFeb 20, 2017
Envisioning Future States With Science Fiction
Larissa Sansour, Søren LindFeb 21, 2017
Cinema Of The Brain
Jeffrey ZacksOct 08, 2017
Films For The Non-Human Demographic
Rachel MayeriDec 05, 2016
In Search Of The Persian Leopard And Beyond: Rare Wildlife Films Of Iran
Majid Mohammad DoustDec 13, 2016
Science And Film As Instruments For Scrutinizing Our World
Toma Peiu Nov 22, 2016
Telling Sci-Fi Stories With Women At The Forefront — A Conversation With Director Cidney Hue
Edward ShepardNov 18, 2016
The Birth Of Science New Wave Cinema
Edward ShepardNov 14, 2016
Scientists & Filmmakers In Paris Interpret Light At Pariscience Film Festival
Alexis GambisNov 04, 2016
6 Brilliant Science Films From Symbiosis 2016
Edward ShepardOct 26, 2016
6 Beautiful Short Science Films About Nature And Humanity
Edward ShepardOct 26, 2016