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My Life With a Robot
Thibaut Sève
Robot & Scarecrow
Kibwe Tavares
The Human Robot
Rob Van Hattum
Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies (Retroflectors: the astronaut, the robot, the alien)
Ralo Mayer
2000: A Documentary Science Fiction
Andrey Paounov
Alexis Gambis
David Braun, Victor Sala
Ainslee Henderson
Da Vinci
Yuri Ancarani
Haptics Tactics
Nguyen Khoi Nguyen
Alice Cares
Sandra Burger
Dr. Easy
Jason Groves, Richard Kenworthy And Christopher Harding
Mars IV
Guillaume Rieu
Astrobotic: The Moon and Beyond
Jonathan Minard
Bionic Girl
St̩ephanie Cabdevila
The Astronomer's Sun
Simon Cartwright, Jessica Cope
Triste Déserts - A Robots Tale
Stephanie Winter
Kawada: The Man Machine
Vincent Fournier Fumiya Island
Adrianne Wortzel