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Sea-level Rise by Ice Rise Calving 
Denise Holland, David Holland
The Secrets Held in Ice
Loïc Fontimpe
Ursula Biemann
Mathematician uses skills to study Greenland's retreating glaciers
Miles O'Brien
Jim Lachasse
Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic
Corina Gamma
People of a Feather
Joel Heath
Of Biblical Proportions
Patrik Eklund
Point of No Return
Zachary Finkelstein
Women and the Glacier
Audrius Stonys
Soon It Would Be Too Hot
Jeanne Liotta
A Delicate Balance
Su Rynard
Deep Weather
Ursula Biemann
Paulina Skibińska
Snowflake Starter
Danielle Parsons
Perttu Inkilä
Momoko Seto
Picture of Light
Peter Mettler
Tropical Birds Confront Global Warming
Daniel Grossman
Ex Nihilo
Sophie Rautenbach