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In Glass Houses
Ariana Gerstein
Cafe Glass
Wen Ren
Robots, Botox, & Google Glass
Tiffany Shlain, Ken Goldberg
Through the Glass Lightly
Alexis Gambis
Sara Hibbert
Alles was Irgendwie NütztAll (All What is Somehow Useful )
Pim Zwier
La Bohème: A Portrait of Today’s Oceans in Peril
Mara Haseltine
Pim Zwier
Solar Sinter Project
Markus Kayser
How to make a prosthetic eye
Barry J. Gibb
Insects in the City: can cities save our bees?
Barry J. Gibb
Dish Life
Chloë Thomas
Apoptosis (Programmed Cell Death) - Live and in 3D
Lisa Pollaro, Nanolive
All the Tears
Sarah Vanagt