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Long Journey of a Fish
Christoffer Dreyer
Photo realistic and naturalistic VR for freely swimming fish
Andrew Straw
Social feedback experiment with real and virtual fish
Andrew Straw
The Gold Fish Casino
Sarolta Jane Cump
Hadil Hassan
The Fisherman
Luke Saunders
The Overqualified Helper
Magda Gunkova
Physarum Polycephalum
Anna Sagatov
David Braun, Victor Sala
Monteith McCollum
America's Dead Sea
Jim Lo Scalzo
Boyoung Kim
Blue-Eyed Me
Alexey Marfin
Whale Fall (After Life of a Whale)
Sharon Shattuck, Flora Lichtman
L'hippocampe (The Seahorse)
Jean Painlevé
Peter Burr, Mark Fingerhut, Forma
Je mange la mort pour diner
Mara Haseltine
Astrid Goldsmith
Acoustic Ocean
Ursula Biemann
Animated Life: Coelacanth
Sharon Shattuck, Flora Lichtman