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Films to Break Projectors
Tim Grabham
On Being a Scientist
Gosja Klivtonne
air (verb)
Lilian Mehrel, Jinelle Wint
Field Work Brazil: Amor
Alexis Gambis
Anne Milne, James Zhao
Alexis Gambis
Field Work - World Cup: Kinetic
Alexis Gambis
Mind Over Matter
Alexis Gambis
Natural History Redux
Coral Morphologic
Rites of Love and Math
Reine Graves, Edward Frenkel
Seduce Me
Isabella Rossellini
The Atom Bomb
Vanessa Gould
The Human Factor
Thibault Le Texier
The Unbearable Lightness of a Tadpole
Alexis Gambis
Primate Cinema: Apes as Family
Rachel Mayeri
Birth of a Flower
Percy Smith
Living Still Life
Bertrand Mandico
Kangaroos Can't Jump Backwards
Rafael Mayrhofer
Nick Ray Rutter
Don't You Dare Talk About This
Sarah-Rose Meredith