The science new wave

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The Invention of the Desert
Thibault Le Texier
Solar Sinter Project
Markus Kayser
The Digger
Ali Cherri
Hind's Dream
Suzannah Mirghani
The Orchard Keepers
Bryony Dunne
Simon Rittmeier
Above and Below
Nicolas Steiner
Matière première (Raw Material)
Jean-Francois Reverdy
Astronomer's Paradise
Christoph Malin
Stephanie Joalland
César Pesquera
Paulina Skibińska
Return to the Sea
Alexis Gambis
The Catalysts of Change: Adapting to changing weather in Ladakh
Chintan Gohil
The Return
Shaima Al Ameri, Fatma Al Ghanem
The Water In Ourselves
Omar Shoukri
Abu Dhabi
Miraflor Santos
Rana Jarbou
America's Dead Sea
Jim Lo Scalzo