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Chimera Trailer
Alexis Gamis
Chimera Experiments Trailer
Alexis Gambis
Maurice Haeems
Airy Me
Yoko Kuno
Transgenic Spidergoats
Field Test
The Origin of Eukaryotes
Benny Lu
Blue-Eyed Me
Alexey Marfin
The Signal and the Noise
Charlie Tweed
The Ray Cat Solution
Benjamin Huguet
Hybrid in Nicola Alessandrini's art
Andrea Convertito, Roberto Simeone
Alexis Gambis
Edge of Alchemy
Stacey Steers
Miryam Charles, Josephine Decker, Alexis Gambis, Barry J Gibb, Ian Harnarine, Noah Hutton, Demelza Kooij, Jeannette Louie, Rachel Mayeri, Sally Warring
Light Dreams In and Out
Graciela Cassel
Realm of an Inner Child
Jeannette Louie
The Fortress
Miryam Charles
Mother, a fairy tale
Barry J Gibb