The science new wave

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Selections from Fred’s Rainbow Bar and Other Stages on the International Border
Nicole Antebi
Dassani Brothers
Higgs - Into the Heart of Imagination
Hannie van den Bergh, Jan van den Berg
Nation Estate
Larissa Sansour
Nzara '76
Jon Noble
Pink Clouds Windy Day
Dennis Hlynsky
Brains and Borders
Orsolya Szantho
Best of Luck with the Wall
Josh Begley
Le seuil de la forêt (The Forest's Threshold)
Giulia Grossmann
Anna Hoetjes
White Planet
Francesco Mattuzzi
Ian Harnarine
Lana Z. Caplan
Matters of the Heart
Christina Lammer
The River
Heeseon Kim
Incident Energy
Marne Lucas, Jacob Pander
Ay Mariposa
Krista Schlyer