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All Things Bakelite: The Age of Plastic
John Maher
The Eagleman Stag
Michael Please
Ross Hogg, Duncan Cowles
Heidi Stokes
In Waking Hours
Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vanagt
Max Hattler
Barry J. Gibb
The Un-Gone
Simon Bovey
Foraging, Feeding, and Mating: the life of the free-living nematode C. elegans
Du Cheng, Meghan Lockard
The Living Brain
Anne Milne
Mike Paterson
The Wapiti
Anssi Kasitonni
Transistors: Teeny Tech that Changed the World
Abby Kent
Winter Solstice
Jannes Becherer For ARES.ona
The Last Interview
Mohamed Al Hamadi
Way of All Flesh
Adam Curtis
Eric Schockmel, Megan MacLeod
Je mange la mort pour diner
Mara Haseltine