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films containing keyword(s): mind
My Mind's Eye - Controlling Our Fears: An Interview with Elizabeth Phelps
Alexis Gambis
Mind Over Matter
Alexis Gambis
My Mind's Eye : How Free Is Your Will? An interview with Michael Gazzaniga
Alexis Gambis
My Mind's Eye: The Mind Body Problem with Ned Block
Alexis Gambis
Last Chance Saloon (part 1): Twink, the band and bipolar
Barry J. Gibb
Field Work - World Cup: Kinetic
Alexis Gambis
My Mind's Eye - Mapping the Mind: An Interview with Eric Kandel
Alexis Gambis
Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts
Brian M. Cassidy, Melanie Shatzky
Wide Awake
Alan Berliner
The Pain Detective
Barry J. Gibb
Campo Experimental
Alexis Gambis
In Search of Memory
Petra Seeger
Barry J. Gibb
Field Work Brazil: Amor
Alexis Gambis
Dharini (Earth)
Anupama Pradhan
In Vivid Detail
Dara Bratt
Quiet Zone
David Bryant, Karl Lemieux
Teen Brain
Brad Goodspeed
Willem and the Whales
Kate Miller, Lisa Coscino