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Eskil Waldenstrøm
Coral Species 1 Evolution
Joel Simon
Coral Species 3 Evolution
Joel Simon
Coral Species 2 Evolution
Joel Simon
Beetle Bluffs
Anna Lindemann
The Perfect Apple
Maria Jurnic, Rachel Mayer
A Space Exodus
Larissa Sansour
Markos Kay
Primatologist Patricia Wright as ring tailed lemur, test for "The Jollies"
Rachel Mayeri
The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection and Adaptation
Sarah Holt
Hybrid in Nicola Alessandrini's art
Andrea Convertito, Roberto Simeone
Erin Shea
Evolutionary Jerks & Gradualist Creeps
Duncan Marquiss
Miryam Charles, Josephine Decker, Alexis Gambis, Barry J Gibb, Ian Harnarine, Noah Hutton, Demelza Kooij, Jeannette Louie, Rachel Mayeri, Sally Warring
Ant Sisters
Anna Lindemann
A Very Wet Night at the Museum
Milan Trenc
Hope Island
Charles Lindsay
Here and the Great Elsewhere
Michèle Lemieux
Arjan Brentjes, Bart van der Schaaf