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Kosmos (Cosmos)
Daria Kopiec
This is Cosmos
Anton Vidokle
We Can't Live Without Cosmos
Konstantin Bronzit
Focus on Infinity
Joerg Burger
Astronomer's Paradise
Christoph Malin
Dharini (Earth)
Anupama Pradhan
Scott Portingale
400 Years of Telescope
Kris Koenig
Stuck in the Past
Javier Diez, Moiya McTier
Twenty-One Percent
Ursula Biemann, Mo Diener
The Pyramidical Science
Anders Elsrud Hultgreen
First Pole on Mars
Agnieszka Elbanowska
Mischa Rozema
Hristina Vardeva
The Stability of the System
Sasha Litvintseva, Isabel Mallet 
I Saw the Future
François Vautier
Claire Carré
Dix Puissance Moins Quarante-trois Seconde
F Francis