Polly Maggoo



The Polly Maggoo association offers scientific film screenings, from documentaries to experimental videos, fiction and animation around research themes. Researchers and filmmakers are invited to these sessions to discuss with students the content and form of these films. The aim of this action is to introduce students to research careers as well as the games and challenges of science (from the so-called "exact" sciences to the human and social sciences). Polly Maggoo runs the annual Rencontres Internationales Sciences & Cinémas (RISC) / International Science & Film Festival, which will take place in the Fall very year in Marseille, France. Created in 1993 in Marseille, the Pollymaggoo Association sparks encounters between plural cinemas and large audience. Since 2002, they have developed thematic projects around science. They have regular events that take place in cultural, social and educational institutions, in which the organization invites researchers and filmmakers. They hot an annual festival called RISC - Rencontres Internationales Sciences et Cinémas.


13th Annual RISC (April 9-27)
61 films
14th Annual RISC (12-16 Dec 2023)
44 films