Waters of Pastaza

  • Dec 10 - Dec 11, 2022
  • 2021 72 mins
  • Director | InĂªs T Alves

On the banks of the Pastaza River, the border between Ecuador and Peru, a group of children from the indigenous Achuar tribe live autonomously. The director follows their daily lives all the while respecting their way of life in nature.

“I immersed myself in nature, I spent my days walking in the forest with the kids. Sometimes they showed me something, insects, mushrooms, or gave me fruit.” Inês T. Alves closeupculture.com

“This film gives these children the opportunity to show us the power, beauty, and biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.  Even more important today, when indigenous communities of the Amazon are confronted with the permanent threat of intense deforestation, guided by exterior economic interests that destroy their culture, their way of life, and their means of subsistence.” T. Alves closeupculture.com

“One would hope Waters of Pastaza itself might be as playful as the children of this river, but Alves’ work is an observational piece of documentary filmmaking. She only invites us to be a part of the environment. Look, don’t judge, but remember that this is who we are. This may be among the most unshaped human behavior you can witness around the globe right now, it’s primitive and primal, and it should be preserved. The children have their fun with the phones, and at some point, their camera even turns to the director herself. Alves’ film doesn’t say the technology will necessarily corrupt them; a film this much in sync with nature seems to understand that this is also part of evolution and the human condition.” icsfilm.org