The People There To Catch Us

  • Mar 27 - Mar 28, 2023
  • english yes 23 mins
  • Director | Luke Brabazon
  • Writer | Luke Brabazon
  • Producer | Ronan Cassidy

Documentary highlighting the importance of patient advocates in cancer research Cancer treatment is changing, and for the better. Two people with a lived experience of cancer bring us through their stories, from diagnosis to now, where they work with others on their cancer journeys. Their stories intertwine with the work of scientists with similar goals, developing personalised treatments for patients and working to improve the lives of others living with cancer. Through their conversations, we see how the gaps between the work in labs and the patient's lived experiences with cancer are being bridged. The People There To Catch Us showcases the community that is there to help. Precision Oncology Ireland, Cúram, The Patient Voice, and many others are working in different ways to aid people through what can be a very challenging time. Every patient is different, and every cancer is different - and with new approaches, people can live well, and beyond, cancer.