The Indicators

  • Jul 17 - Jul 18, 2023
  • Spanish English 9 mins
  • Director | Kurt Sensenbrenner
  • Writer | n/a
  • Producer | Kurt Sensenbrenner, Molly Ferrill

Two high school girls trek into the rainforest in hopes of protecting what’s left of the biodiversity in their jungle-bordering community. Torti is a small town in Eastern Panama, a region known for its rich biodiversity. This biodiversity, however, is put at risk by high rates of deforestation for timber extraction and monoculture. By studying the local butterfly populations, the teenagers found the butterflies could be used as bioindicators of forest health. After submitting their findings to a 13-country wide science fair, all they can do is wait to hear what the scientific community thinks.

Directed and Produced by Kurt Sensenbrenner

Associate Produced by Molly Ferrill

Cinematography by Colin Sytsma and Kurt Sensenbrenner

Original Music by Peter Gauthier

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Kurt Sensennbrenner