Regeneration Shorts Program

  • Mar 11 - Mar 14, 2021
  • English English, Spanish, Deutsch, French, Portugues, Russian, Arab, Hindi, Chinese 4 mins
  • Director | Daniel Uribe
  • Writer | Daniel Uribe
  • Producer | Jonathan Melton

What is our understanding of Regeneration? Explore different cinematic forms, ideas and understanding of birthing, rebirthing and new beginnings through cinema.

Lira's Forest - Connor Jessup, Canada, 2017, 8 min

As the end of her life approaches, an old woman encounters a strange spirit from a nearby forest.

Mirrors - Mary Marxen, USA, 2019, 16 min

Mirrors takes us on a courageous journey inward toward the traumatic memories of a contemporary ballet dancer named Crimson. These memories are keeping her small, stuck, and far from participating in the joy of her own life. Each encounter reveals another source of her discontent and therefore brings to light what habitual ways of being have the potential for change. Crimson slowly and patiently begins untangling her past traumas so that she is able to emerge more present.

Influx - Daniel Uribe, USA, 2020, 4 min

A mother finds herself sinking into a domestic violent relationship, until an influx of emotions is awakened within her.‘Influx’ is a poetic short film that sinks into the themes of domestic violence, alcoholism, and love. Inspired by Leslie Morgan Steiner's TED talk: ‘Why domestic violence victims don’t leave.’ And by the countless stories of mothers trapped in abusive relationships and the power of love for their children.