• May 4 - May 7, 2023
  • english 40 mins
  • Director | Ellie Ga
  • Writer | Ellie Ga
  • Producer | Ellie Ga

Photographic transparencies and documentary footage tell overlooked stories of labour, from prehistoric tools to Portuguese stonemasonry.

Stories about stones ground this essay film: archaeological discoveries of prehistoric tools, sculptures commemorating colonial wars, and traditional paving techniques. Interwoven are narratives including Ga’s relationship with her brother and a quest arising from an out-of-print book.

The three-part screen shows Ga’s hands manipulating photographic transparencies over lightboxes. Using her movements to create visual meaning, the film tells of human labour excluded from world histories: the drudgery of communist re-education camps, an artist’s antifascist engravings, and stone artisans of pavements in Lisbon and former Portuguese colonies. These counter-narratives resist prevailing frameworks of progress and domination.

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Ellie Ga