Moving so slowly: Avanzaré tan despacio

  • Dec 26 - Dec 27, 2022
  • Spanish English 75 mins
  • Director | Natalia Solórzano
  • Writer | Natalia Solórzano

Hundreds of stories from nationals and foreigners come together in a public office where confusion reigns. It is a Kafkaesque place with doors that do not open, long lines, and cars adapted as offices. A limbo separates the film’s characters from their goals but unites them against a greater evil. Humor, drama, and the absurd mix in this poignant Costa Rican documentary feature, which had its world premiere at the Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival (IDFA). The debut feature by director Natalia Solórzano offers an engrossing take on bureaucracy and its exasperating ways, something that we can all relate to.


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Natalia Solórzano