• Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2022
  • Italian English 72 mins
  • Director | Chloé Malcotti
  • Writer | Chloé Malcotti

The Italian coastal town of Rosignano is known and loved for its extremely white beaches and intensely blue sea. From far and wide, camera crews and tourists come to enjoy its beauty. But these extraordinary features are the result of decades of pollution by a plant belonging to the Solvay company, which produces soda ash, or sodium carbonate.

This unorthodox and creative film shows how the chemical company has brought not only pollution but also much wealth to the community. In staged scenes on the beach, young residents talk about the future of their town and the ambivalent relationship with the company. A medium evokes the past using an X-ray of a former employee. These scenes are mixed with lyrical images of the stunning beaches and sea, and hypnotic shots of the work in the factory.

Live Habitats
Chloé Malcotti