Kmêdeus (Eatgod)

  • Dec 18, 2020
  • Creole, Portuguese English 53 mins
  • Director | Nuno Miguel Miranda Pereira
  • Writer | Nuno Miguel Miranda Pereira
  • Producer | Pedro Gabriel Duarte Soulé

This Hybrid film is inspired by the spirit and person of Kmêdeus. A street lunatic from Mindelo. The direct translation of his name is "Eat God". Respected by many fishermen, writers, great public figures and mainly by the artists of the island.
Many say he was an artist, some say he was the personification of the spirit of the island, some a philosopher who through his art created a unique utopian thinking genuine of the island. He has inspired many, and kept the city in doubt of whether or not he merely posed as a lunatic but was instead a great thinker. But first we must contextualize his space, the mystic island of São Vicente...

A conversation with director Nuno Miranda; moderated by Imagine Science Programming Coordinator Wangechi Ngugi will take place at 10AM EDT on Dec 18 and be available here.