• Sep 2 - Sep 6, 2020
  • Balkan Gagauz Turkish, Macedonian 87 mins
  • Director | Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov

Film available from Sept 2-6, 2020 at 7PM EST.
Courtesy of NEON.

A woman utilises ancient beekeeping traditions to cultivate honey in the mountains of North Macedonia. When a neighbouring family tries to do the same, it becomes a source of tension as they disregard her wisdom and advice.Filming of Honeyland lasted three years, and 400 hours of footage was filmed. Several environmental topics are explored, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and exploitation of natural resources. The directors primarily focused on the visual aspects and wanted to portray humanity's balance with the ecosystem through Hatidže, and consumerism and resource depletion through her neighbors. The documentary also portrays Hatidže's relationships with her bedridden mother and her neighbors. Honeyland contains elements of several documentary styles, including fly on the wall, direct cinema, and cinéma vérité.

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