Gambling, Gods, and LSD

  • Sep 4 - Sep 6, 2023
  • English, German English 180 mins
  • Director | Peter Mettler

Acid trips, cave paintings, airport evangelists, slot machines, techno music, laughter therapy, electro simulation chairs, mystically-minded Swiss biochemists with Spinozan theories of oneness and unity…Gambling, Gods and LSD remains Mettler’s most exhaustive investigation into the human drive for transcendence. He encounters subjects who seek pleasure so that they might move beyond it, subjects who avoid pleasure for the same reason, subjects who gorge, deprive, deify, and debase themselves. All share a common dissatisfaction with their present circumstances, a longing to cheat death and/or conquer life. The resulting film is a fascinating, globe-spanning study of the many varieties of religious experience.

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Peter Mettler