Dust Rising

  • Sep 1 - Sep 2, 2022
  • From human health to ecosystem function, discover the astonishing impact of tiny particles – and how that’s shifting as Earth’s climate changes.

Dust surrounds us endlessly. We fight a Sisyphean battle with it in our homes. It makes us sneeze. What could be more mundane? But those tiny specks actually have astonishing power. This 25-minute documentary film, directed by Lauren Schwartzman, takes you on an eye-opening journey with dust from the microscopic to the global scale. Along the way, you’ll meet scientists on the cutting edge of dust research, as well as people whose lives have been threatened by dust. You’ll discover that dust can be both life-giving and deadly in turn, and that its impact is shifting as Earth’s climate warms. You’ll never look at dust the same way again.