• Nov 18 - Nov 22, 2020
  • French English 105 mins
  • Director | Philippe Fernandez
Seven French astronauts awake aboard a spaceship. None of whom knows where they come from or where they’re going. Based on a vague division of labour, someone starts cleaning, another sends video reports into space and the group’s astronomer makes an attempt to explain the universe. And because this is a French spaceship, there’s also a semiologist roaming around.
Philippe Fernandez once again proves his predilection for meta-stories and our relationship to the Cosmos with this lightly absurd science fiction that is nothing less than a portrayal of the human condition. Where are we going and why? And how come we can’t see 95% of the mass of the universe?
There’s sex, a monkey walks around and the psychologist makes another attempt to bring the proof of God into the discussion, but to no avail. Cosmic self-regulation and parallel universes have the last word, the astronomer explains; there are now multiple versions of him walking around. At the last moment, one of them comes up with another explanation that could bring down all that went before.
COSMODRAMA Director Philippe Fernandez talks about his cosmic influence. Check it out.

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