Closer Than We Think

  • Aug 29 - Aug 31, 2020
  • English English 85 mins
  • Director | Brett Ryan Bonowicz
  • Writer | Brett Ryan Bonowicz
  • Producer | Brett Ryan Bonowicz, Reid Nicewonder, Marco Cordero

CLOSER THAN WE THINK is a documentary directed by Brett Ryan Bonowicz about the art and life of Arthur Radebaugh, the futurist illustrator behind "Closer Than We Think."

Tune in for conversation between director Brett Ryan Bonowicz & Tim Lapetino at 7pm EST.

About Brett: Brett Ryan Bonowicz is the director of the films Closer Than We Think, The Perfect 46, and the documentary series Artist Depiction. His production company, Clindar, is focused on producing science factual films and documentaries based on cutting edge science and technology. He lives in California.

About Tim: He is the founder and Executive Director of the Museum of Video Game Art (MOVA), and is dedicated to chronicling the intersection of design and pop culture. He resides in Chicago with his wife and two kids.

Conversation between director Ryan Bonowicz & Tim Lapetino:

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