Clarita's Universe

  • Sep 3 - Sep 6, 2022
  • Spanish English 74 mins
  • Director | Tomás Lipgot
  • Writer | Tomás Lipgot
  • Producer | Tomás Lipgot

Clarita is a smart and spunky 12-year-old who lives in Rosario, Argentina, with her parents and sisters. Her greatest interest in the whole wide world is Astronomy, the scientific study of space, which is a passion she discovered thanks to Proyecto Miradas, an experimental and playful science workshop for children, led by Sofía and Yayo. Clarita’s love of learning is voracious, she’s practically memorized all the workshop lessons! Her dedication towards science earns her a special trip, where her endless curiosity fuels a fantastic learning adventure to different astronomic sites across Argentina. On the way, she learns about the origins of celestial bodies, the universe, and of secrets hidden within nature and the natural landscape. Come along with Clarita and explore the wondrous world of our universe and science, guided by experts, scientists, indigenous scholars, and nature itself!

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Tomás Lipgot