BUILDING SPACES - A sensory ethnography

  • Oct 15 - Oct 17, 2023
  • English English 30 mins
  • Director | Elaine Goldberg
  • Writer | Elaine Goldberg
  • Producer | Elaine Goldberg

What does research feel like? How does the place where knowledge is created shape the knowledge itself? And what knowledges remain neglected because we cannot transform them into written words? BUILDING SPACES follows four international social scientists in different positions through their academic lives, making spaces and practices visible, tangible, and audible that have remained unnoticed until now. Creating knowledge is much less the genius achievement of individuals, but a social and sensory practice. In this sense, the film explores sensory spaces of social science research. It is about mediating an experience: research, whether artistic or academic, is always a search, an emotional balancing act, a manual labor, a material work. The film puts into practice what it shows. It is the artistic exploration of a world that everyone knows and yet no one has ever considered worthy of focusing on. Not all knowledges can be found in books, some must be learned through experience and discovered through filming.

Live Habitats
Elaine Goldberg