Digital Futures

January 2019 Issue

New year, new technologies, new realities. We've run a couple of issues interrogating this ever-more-digital contemporary era and its accelerating future implications before, but where those selections zoomed in on specific facets -- AI and simulated worlds -- this issue pulls back for a broader view, encompassing many aspects of society: economics, relationships, law, and leisure. It's also worth delving into nuts and bolts details that make this all possible, the specific inventions that first got us here and the inevitable endpoints of our vast and troubled tech waste systems. To understand where we may be going in 2019 and beyond, we must analyze the present as well as speculate on the possibilities, and to those ends we offer Digital Futures. Dystopian infographics, psychosimulated environments, murderous digital assistants, and technopsychodelic odysseys through an ever more unrecognizable virtuality.

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Jake Fried United States 2013


Ted Wiggin United States 2016