Digital Futures
January 2019

New year, new technologies, new realities. We've run a couple of issues interrogating this ever-more-digital contemporary era and its accelerating future implications before, but where those selections zoomed in on specific facets -- AI and simulated worlds -- this issue pulls back for a broader view, encompassing many aspects of society: economics, relationships, law, and leisure. It's also worth delving into nuts and bolts details that make this all possible, the specific inventions that first got us here and the inevitable endpoints of our vast and troubled tech waste systems. To understand where we may be going in 2019 and beyond, we must analyze the present as well as speculate on the possibilities, and to those ends we offer Digital Futures. Dystopian infographics, psychosimulated environments, murderous digital assistants, and technopsychodelic odysseys through an ever more unrecognizable virtuality.


by Lillian F. Schwartz


by Sean Buckelew

Electric Soul

by Joni Männistö

Amusement Park Home Movies Inspire the Algorithm

by Caleb Foss

Another Planet

by Amir Yatziv

The Future of Work and Death

by Wayne Walsh Sean Blacknell

Changing the World: Bit by Bit

by Ahmed Geaissa


by Benjamin Ross Hayden

Raw Data

by Jake Fried

Hausarrest (House Arrest)

by Matthias Sahli

The Cognitive Era

by Zoe Beloff

At the Other Side of Technology

by José Prieto Leonardo Llamas

Binary Love

by Ewan Golder

Cutia albă (The White Box)

by Mihai Păcurar

The Satoshi Sculpture Garden

by Christopher Arcella

Hyper Reality

by Keiichi Matsuda

I, Loneliness Gadget

by Can Eren

Impressions (Measurements)

by Jillian Mayer

Astronaut of Featherweight

by Dalibor Baric


by Mattis Dovier

Transistors: Teeny Tech that Changed the World

by Abby Kent

Soul Surgery

by Isabelle Galet-Lalande

The Pixel Painter

by Josh Bogdan & Ryan Lasko
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