Sromana Mukherjee


New York, US

neuroscience developmental biology drosophila retina brain

I am driven by the question how cells in our bodies interpret and respond to external stimuli and use fruitflies as a model to find my answers. The visual system is the primary sense organ that connects us to the external world and influences how we perceive things around us. Currently, I am a Post-Doctoral scientist at New York University studying how visual stimuli is interpreted in the fly brain.

I am also keen on science communication and advocating for female, underrespresentated scientists. I am co-organizing Soapbox Science New York  this summer, the first New York city based chapter of Soapbox Science, a public outreach platform for promoting women scientists. Soapbox Science is a worldwide event that brings top women & non-binary people in STEMM to their soapboxes to talk science with the public on the streets.

I am excited about collaborating with visual artists to communicate visual neuroscience to a broader audience!


Drosophila Visual System


Drosophila Eye-Antennal Disc


Building visual maps in fly brains