Ringo Marquez


Brooklyn, US

cat cat music cat videos magical realism neuroscience

I have spent my life reflecting on the intersection between magic and science. I have very vivid dreams that makes my whiskers twitch. I once dreamt I was walking through a park and encountered a giant rat who showed me the way to a world of swallows flying in a sky of the same blue intensity. I am "un gran fan de Gabriel García Márquez,", especially his masterpiece "Cien años de soledad" that I regularly reread in my favorite zebra-striped sofa chair.

I also work as a producer for Labocine coordinating film programming and harvesting the Habitat ecosystem. I firmly believe that "La nueva ola científica" will be the path to cultivate empathy and compassion for all living beings.


El Pulpo II Barco en Tulum


A Boat Called Zoe in Tulum