Kaze Wong

physicist, machine learning expert, animator

New York, US

black holes gravtitational wave big data

I started as a curious student in search of the answer to the question: where are black holes coming from? I spent four fruitful years at Johns Hopkins University as a Ph.D. student, learning analytical models as well as data analysis skills to pursue this very fundamental mystery.

During my Ph.D., artificial intelligence and deep learning had revolutionized many aspects of our life, from searching items online to predicting the weather. Realizing the potential of deep learning, I specialized in applying cutting-edge technologies to analyze gravitational-wave signals and understanding the origins of black holes. As a result, I was one of the first few to apply deep learning to understand a population of black holes, leading to a number of well-cited publications that set the field in new directions.

Currently, I am continuing my passion for astrophysics at the Center of Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron Institute. On top of continuing my research, I also find passion in communicating science to others, through making visualizations and movies of astrophysical systems.


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