Pablo Chea

multidisciplinary artist

Santo Domingo, DO


Pablo Chea is a Dominican multidisciplinary artist. 

He had the privilege of growing up behind the scenes in film shoots, Ritmos Espacio de Danza (his mother’s dance school) and the house where Videotel, Audiotel and Claudio Chea Films operated in Santo Domingo. At 11 yrs old he asks his father to teach him how to edit videos and earns the keys to the studio. That summer he was hired for his first editing job marking the beginning of his career in Post-Production. 

He migrated to the USA at 12 yrs old where he attended Design and Architecture Senior High, a visual arts High School in Miami. 

Graduating from The Cooper Union in 2013 with a BFA, he compliments his critical and conceptual artistic practice with a focus on filmmaking. 

In 2016 he joined the Aurora Dominicana team where he has edited and supervised the post production in over 9 feature film theatrical releases. 

At the 52nd International Film Festival Rotterdam Pablo Chea makes his directorial debut with the premiere of Croma Kid. 

Well versed in narrative and documentary filmmaking and with 19 years of experience in audiovisuals, Pablo Chea bridges the gap between art and entertainment as a Pop Auteur.

"In life and in work I enjoy solving puzzles, because each solution you find prepares for the next challenge. The bigger the better."