Kinder Labatt


Toronto, CA

creative politics independent freelancing

Kinder Labatt is a Canadian film & television producer who was raised in the South of France and is now based in Toronto. She holds an MFA with honors in Creative Producing from Columbia University, where her thesis film, Bag Lady, won her the Award for Best Producer in 2022. She has produced several short films and written several pilots, feature films, and plays. An avid fan of satire and comedy, she often incorporates topics relating to gender and politics into her work.

Her first short film, Free Pot, was featured in the 2018 Crown Heights Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY. Her original pilot script, REALITY, received the inaugural Charles J. Brucia Award at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her MFA thesis film, Bag Lady, won her Topic Studios Award for Excellence in Producing. She is also the recipient of several prestigious film production grants from Indian Paintbrush, Phil Johnston, and the Sloan foundation.

Her most recent producing works include:

  • Resentment, a dramatic feature film that explores the boundaries of relationships over the course of one night in a small Brooklyn bar.

  • Bag Lady, a short biopic about Margaret E. Knight, the inventor of the paper bag machine

  • The Undertaker’s Daughter, a stop motion short that explores life, death, and an unusual family gift

  • My PTSD Will Never Win Best Picture, a comedy about trauma, acceptance, and recovery.

She is currently freelancing as an independent producer.

When taking a break from developing stories about strong, powerful female characters, she is probably singing a Janis Joplin song out of tune or baking bread, or more likely, both.


Bag Lady