Jesús Pertiñez


Granada, ES

experimental animation scientific illustration 3d animation

Professor of Animation at the University of Granada. More than 40 publications of articles and book chapters, many of them in Q1 Reviews. Director of three R&D Projects of the Spanish Ministry of Education and nine teaching innovation projects. Evaluator of the National Agency for Evaluation and Prospective of the National R&D Plan. Member of the Panel of Evaluators of Degrees and Masters of ANECA.

-In the last seven years he directed / created eight animated shorts screened at multiple festivals, to highlight:

- “Max-Xam”. Suroscopy Award Winner 2014

- "The girl who noticed something strange" in 21 international festivals

- “Prudence” in 17 international festivals.

- “Lady Macbeth” Selected in 6 international festivals. Jury Prize at the Indian Film Festival in 2020

- “Signs of Reality”. Award for the Technical-Artistic Contribution of ASECAN 2020 (Association of Writers and Cinematographic Writers of Andalusia) Selected in 22 international festivals

- "Once upon a time there was iron". Finalist in five international festivals. Winner of the UK European Film Festival in 2021


Once Upon the Time Iron