Xavier Nueno Guitart is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art, Cinema and Visual Studies at Harvard University. He is also a Scientific Assistant at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne. His research investigates the forms of organization of knowledge in digital economies, in particular, he is writing a thesis on the social and intellectual history of search engines. He is co-author of Napa(s). To Persist in the unfinished (Ediciones La Bahía, 2018) and Chaque Mercredi Caracas (Editions HS, 2020). Among his most recent projects is the audiovisual As We See (Nobel Prize Museum, Sweden 2021) or the exhibition De la Soledad a la Desolación (Biennale de Arquitectura de Orleans 2020). His research has received grants from Obra Social La Caixa (2012-2014), the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts (2019) and the Film Study Center of Harvard University, among others, and has been shown in museums and exhibition spaces in several countries.


Como Miramos (As We See)