Gavati Wad

artist, filmmaker

Glendale, US

experimental politics satire celluloid light magic spirits rituals illusion 16mm

Gavati is an artist/filmmaker from India based in Los Angeles. Gavati works primarily with 16mm celluloid using both a camera and cameraless techniques to generate sound and image. Her work is humorous and satirical, responding to tropes and standards present in commercial media practices, including those of the photo studio, television broadcasting, and political propaganda. In her cross-disciplinary practice spanning film, performance and illustration, she investigates questions of identity in contexts such as gender and the nation-state and explores cultural interpretations of scientific phenomena. Gavati is the co-founder of Artists in Revolution Collective (AIRC), dedicated to programming art and cinema from underrepresented communities worldwide. She received her MFA Film/Video from the California Institute of the Art.


this creature called Memory


O Seeker