Diego Rodriguez

neuroscientist, computer scientist, theorist, artist

San Juan , PR

language genetics memory poetry madness politics liminality

Diego Rodríguez Langevin is an up and coming neuroscientist, humanities scholar and artist currently based in New York City. He is broadly interested in the way language shapes human biology. How does fiction interact with the neurobiology of memory? How can poetry destabilize the rigidity of mechanical language and incite biological changes in the reader's brain that go on to shape politics? As a scientist, Diego is currently researching the spatial organization and connectivity of olfactory memory neurons using genetics and computational tools. As a scholar in the humanities, Diego has been writing on the politics of madness in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as portrayed by novelist and musician Rita Indiana and Poet Francisco Matos Paoli. He has been working on developing a theoretical framework based on the work of these two writers to understand the relationship between language, madness and politics in the Caribbean. As an artist, Diego works across visual arts and poetry. He is currently interested in exploring the limitations of mechanical languages in expressing meaning and at the same time the necessity of transcending natural language as a universal epistemological paradigm.