Advik Beni

filmmaker, artist

Durban, ZA

filmmaking magical realism non-hierarchical

Advik Beni is a South African born artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. Through the use of magical realism and non-hierarchical, hybrid modes of filmmaking, he collectively creates imagined spaces for peoples on the fringes to express grief and trauma. His work aims to preserve a cultural tradition eclipsed by Western modes of storytelling.

He is the founder of the sadarts foundation, a non-profit which aims, through the arts, to increase accessibility and raise awareness for mental health issues within marginalised South African communities. His work has shown at Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival, Joburg Fringe Art, Parallel Vienna, Edinburgh International Film Festival amongst others. He also received the Sundance Ignite Fellowship in 2022. 


Sincerely Yours, Ethel Browne Harvey


Ilanga Alikho (The Sun is Missing)


Jikele Maweni Ndiyahamba (Let's Go To The Mines)