Rodrigo Sopeña

writer, director, cartoonist

Madrid, ES

filmmaking screenwriting directing

Rodrigo Sopeña is a experienced television writers and directors. With Luis Piedrahita, he s is behnid the team of the the successful Spanish talk show El Hormiguero and directors of the original hit show about magic, Nada por Aquí. Fermat's Room is their first feature film. He is also known for TV programs such as "La Hora de José Mota y Me resbala." He is the creation of a fiction series on the Disney Channel Club Houdin. As screenwriter, he is also the author of a comic strip  "El último tahúr" (The Last Gambler), drawn by Juande Pozuelo and edited by Dolmen Novel Gráfica in November 2019.


Capsule - Extintor (Fire Extinguisher)


Fermat's Room