Normand Rajotte


Montreal, CA


Having been practicing landscape photography since the early 1980s, Normand Rajotte found himself in 1997 on a hundred-acre wooded lot, untouched and unremarkable. Since then, he has been walking this tiny portion of Earth with a slow step and an attentive eye; he looks closely, notes its slightest omens, and isolates them with the frame of his camera to make them into specimens for meditation. Comme un murmure [As a Whisper] (2004–2010) is a grouping of these natural omens brought back from his solitary excursions. Involving questions linked to self-awareness and the relationship between human beings and nature, his lexicon becomes an instrument for guiding us through our most private topography.

Born in 1952, Drummondville, Quebec, Normand Rajotte shares his life between Montreal and Mont Mégantic. His approach to natural spaces is unique in Quebec photography and is paralleled by questions linked to self-awareness and the human being’s relationship with nature. Rajotte has had some 20 solo shows in Canada, including, in Montreal, at the Agora de la danse (2008), Centre Occurrence (2004), and Galerie VOX (1998). In 1992, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography organized, presented, and toured Normand Rajotte. Œuvres 1983–1990, offering a first portfolio of his photographs of nature. More recently, Rajotte’s photographs have been shown at IndexG Gallery in Toronto (2007) and at Galerie Pangée in Montreal (2011).