Mia Makela

media artist, cultural historian

Helsinki, FI

artistic mystical philosophers

Mia Makela is a Finnish media artist and cultural historian, whose work explores intersections between art and other disciplines: technology, science, ecology. Makela exhibits chosen themes in the forms of video, audio guides, expeditions, participatory acts, installations, performative lectures, related publications and blogs. Makela, internationally acknowledged pioneer in the field of live cinema, has shown her work and lectured all over the globe.

Her latest activities include History of an Impossible Destiny, a 4-channel video installation, for which she spent 3 years documenting beekeeping around Europe and doing research on the destiny of the honey bee.  Zootopia- audio guide for zoos, a posthumanist and feminist  research on other species. Artistic expeditions on the strait of Magellan, Patagonia and Chiloe Island in Chile. Cabin Walks&Talks - a guided expedition for  tracing  interspecial  empathy.  “Green Matters – video handbook for algae gatherers” - a two-year exploration in the world of green algae and traditional weaving. ​

During the recent years my artistic work has turned from mystical and meditative video performances towards ecological, social and political spheres, and the nature of my work has become more investigative. Im fascinated by the figures and imagery of natural philosophers and the mentality of the exploration and discovery,  My projects bear titles that resemble educational terminology, they are guides and handbooks to an alternative world. For me art creation is apart from knowledge production also a personal learning experience. Every project regenerates my world view. I hope my work affects the same way also the public.


Green Matters