Luis Quevedo

producer, presenter, entrepeneur, journalist

Madrid, ES


Luis Quevedo is an award-winning Spanish filmmaker, TV producer and personality. A former scientist turned communicator, after moving to New York from Madrid in 2010, he pioneered NPR's blog and podcast "Science Friday en Español" and is now director and host of CST, a Spanish language daily science, health and technology TV show broadcasting across the Americas. He’s been Managing Director of the Imagine Science Films Festival in New York, produced with support from Google, Nature, Science and more, and co-creator of CUNY’s Social Gradient Podcast, a program about science, health and education for minorities. He’s US science correspondent for Spain’s El Mundo newspaper. He’s conducted workshops on scicomm at Georgetown for ECUSA, the AAAS meeting for Yale Ciencia and Mount Sinai for the Minority Graduate Student Network in New York. Luis has been distinguished as a Minority Fellow of the National Association of Science Writers and mentor of the AAAS Mass Media Fellows.


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