Yifan Lin

filmmaker, sound designer

Hong Kong, CN

science fiction documentary chinese history

Yifan Lin is a Chinese filmmaker whose works focuses on revealing social injustices through the lens of fiction. Lin studied Film, Arabic, and Music Technology at New York University Abu Dhabi. He is currently studying an MFA in Film, Television and Digital Media at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Growing up as a third culture child who lived in five countries across four continents, Lin has always viewed the commonality of humans as larger than the differences between ethnic groups. In face of racism and injustices, Lin has been seeking for a haven since a very young age. His works revolve around the themes of languages, folk music, family history, and in examining a marginalized individual's survival within society.

With a background in Engineering, Lin developed an interest in science fiction. Science fiction filmmaking allows him to situate issues on a global scale, and to implicitly comment on social and political climates. The fascinating imagination potentials of science fiction allowed Lin to continue producing work despite the limitations of the pandemic.

In additon to sci-fi, Lin creates documentary and docu-fiction films. He makes documentary film to make sense of his family’s ancient and recent history. He combines family footage and archival videos with shot footage to create docu-fiction works that examines history's authenticity.

His documentary short My Great-Grandpa premiered at the NYUAD summer film grant film screening in 2019. His latest sci-fi work The Linguist premiered at the 2022 NYUAD capstone festival. He is currently working on a feature length science fiction animation film named The Landing.


The Linguist